Wk 5: Learning Platform Proposal

APMT/470: Digital Learning_x000D_
Wk 5: Learning Platform Proposal [due Mon]_x000D_
Wk 5: Learning Platform Proposal [due Mon]_x000D_
Assignment Content_x000D_
Resources: usability.gov_x000D_
Imagine you work for an Internet-based organization wishing to create a new learning platform for its customers. Your company would like to release a redesigned version of their website and would like feedback from their clientele in preparation for these changes. Based on your experience and knowledge of user-centered design, you have been asked to create a program that would meet these needs._x000D_
Write a 700- to 1,050-word proposal addressing the following:_x000D_
Discuss your selected industry._x000D_
Provide a hypothetical name for your organization._x000D_
Identify the targeted clientele._x000D_
Analyze challenges users have mentioned regarding the current website._x000D_
Identify anticipated goals for program and redesign._x000D_
Include factors involved in the learning experience, such as tasks, learning environment, and obtaining qualitative and quantitative feedback._x000D_
Explain how clientele feedback will be incorporated in the redesign of the website._x000D_
Determine an approximate timeline acknowledging important deadline points._x000D_
Discuss the significance of a user-centered design in digital learning._x000D_
Cite a minimum of 6 resources._x000D_
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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