Why police should not pull a car over for speeding.

Topic: Why police should not chase a car for speeding. They should have a camera system to send a bill._x000D_
Reasons Why:_x000D_
Safer for the officer and drivers. Won’t be pulled over on a highway._x000D_
Avoids racism being a factor or the officer showing bias towards a driver._x000D_
Saves money for the city in regards to police vehicles._x000D_
No human error in judgments during a stop._x000D_
You SHOULD take a stand on a controversial issue or try to convince the audience to adopt your point-of-view. At the end of a Persuasive Speech, you want the audience to believe that your position on the issue could be the correct one because you have supported your position with relevant evidence._x000D_
A typed full-sentence Preparation Outline a listing of 3 to 5 sources in proper MLA Format._x000D_
Speech Outline:_x000D_
You must submit your speech outline through the appropriate speech link. If you have questions prior to your speech or would like additional guidance, please contact your instructor through the Messages link in the course menu._x000D_
Note Cards:_x000D_
You will prepare Note Cards to use as you give your speech. These notes should be brief and should only include keywords, symbols, and phrases. With the exception of direct quotations (for your informative and persuasive speeches), you are not allowed to use complete sentences on the Note Cards – only words, symbols, and phrases. Never read a speech word for word. The notecards will be submitted with Speech Outline and Video link/information.

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