What history has taught us about race and race relations in the U.S

Required Elements_x000D_
• Reflective Essay Questions: To effectively complete the assignment, students must view the videos and answer a MINIMUM of FOUR (4) questions. See questions below._x000D_
• The essay should consist of an introduction and a thesis, responses to your chosen 4 essay questions based on the required viewing material, information gleaned from past assignments, the optional use of supplemental resources, and a conclusion. While writing your essay, think about the big picture of American History. What has history taught us about race and race relations in the U.S., and why, ultimately should we care? (Historians are ever mindful of the proverbial so what? question.) The goal of this assignment ultimately is to reflect on, synthesize, and interpret what you have learned thus far in the course by peering through_x000D_

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