week 5 journal

to beginning this activity,_x000D_
Read Chapter 15: End of Life: Death and Dying and Chapter 16: A Thoughtful Approach to Life: Aspects of Successful Aging in you required text, Understanding Development: A Lifespan Perspective._x000D_
Read Chapter 13 Death, Dying, and Grieving in your textbook Essentials of Lifespan Development: A Topical Approach._x000D_
View the videos The 81-Year-Old Bodybuilder who Inspires Others to Get Fit (Links to an external site.) and Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds (Links to an external site.)._x000D_
Review your past required readings from Weeks 1 through 4.In this journal,_x000D_
Reflect on the knowledge, based on theories of development, you have learned during this course_x000D_
Discuss what skills can be developed from having this knowledge._x000D_
Analyze how knowledge about lifespan development theory can be applied to your goals and career._x000D_
Evaluate what ethical considerations should be taken when applying these skills.

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