Week 3 Mini Paper

Mini-Paper: Students will develop a short paper critically analyzing key points from the assigned chapters. “Critical Thinking involves analysis, evaluation, and a synthesizing of facts, ideas, opinions, and theories” (Jones, 2013, para. 1). _x000D_
Papers will be 3-4 pages in length, and must follow APA guidelines (The cover/title/reference pages do NOT count as content pages; no extra spacing between paragraphs; and plagiarized content earns a zero grade-you must cite all sources). Students will utilize content from the textbook, and can also use articles, journals, or other resources covered in the course to support your papers. (Note: Wikipedia is not a scholarly source). See rubric attached to assignment. The paper will include:_x000D_
Title/cover page_x000D_
Content/Critical Thinking Analysis: Identify 3-4 key elements from textbook chapters assigned for weeks 1, 2, 3 and summarize in this paper. Provide examples of how these concepts/models/theories apply to you and your organization-justify your opinions with supporting facts and documentation._x000D_
Textbook Information_x000D_
Leadership Communication 4th Edition_x000D_
Chapter 1: What is Leadership Communication_x000D_
Chapter 2: Leadership Communication Strategy and Structure_x000D_
Chapter 3: The Language of Leaders_x000D_
Chapter 8: Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills for Leadership_x000D_
Chapter 9: Diversity and Intercultural Communication Leadership

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