unti 10

This week, you learned about how cognitive processes change across the lifespan. For this discussion you will examine how one of the cognitive processes you have learned about in this course (for example, problem-solving, decision-making, perception, attention, language, memory, or metacognition) changes across the lifespan, focusing on either children or elderly people. You will need to obtain a peer reviewed journal article from the university library that examines your chosen cognitive process in children or elderly people. Once you have selected your article, you should answer all parts of the questions below, supporting your discussion with information from the unit’s readings as well as the article you obtained from the library._x000D_
Please respond to the following:_x000D_
Based on what you have learned in the course readings, describe the cognitive process that you selected to examine. How does this cognitive process change throughout the lifespan, either in childhood or as you age?_x000D_
Summarize the main findings of your selected journal article. How does this article illustrate how your chosen cognitive process changes in either children or elderly people?_x000D_
google: purdue global bright space _x000D_

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