Unit VIII Final project

In Unit VII, the comprehensive report (attached) was presented to the Fig Technologies Executive Leadership Council (ELC). Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your findings based on the comprehensive report. In the presentation of your findings, be sure to describe advances in organizational diversity developed from legislation, and explain paradigm shifts in the Fig Technologies organizational environment from increased diversity legislation. Include citations and references from at least three sources used in your presentation (these may be from the earlier components)._x000D_
The document should include a reference list and citations._x000D_
While sources and information from previous assignments are appropriate sources to inform and guide the development of the PowerPoint, this assignment requires original content that demonstrates mastery and understanding of the course material. Do not simply copy and paste any portions from previous assignments._x000D_
The PowerPoint option should consist of a 10-12 slide presentation (not including the title and reference slides) with proper APA formatting. Include charts or graphics as necessary to effectively present your findings._x000D_
Unit 8 Announcement – Global Diversity_x000D_
When a new wave of individuals or cultural groups emerges on the scene, there will be a resistance to change. Change is natural, and resistance is natural. Upsetting the status quo can, consequently, cause conflict. Conflict is a good variable; conflict creates change and potentially positive outcomes if managed well. Diversity of new cultures, new technologies, and new expertise creates acceptance as we work through the change management processes organizationally and operationally (Dobbs, 1996). How an organization chooses to address their diverse populations, clients, vendors, and employees can impact outcomes for the organization and those who are touched by their new station, such as stakeholders. Acceptance is necessary. BSL 4000, Managing Diversity in Organizations 4 UNIT x STUDY GUIDE Title Agreement may not be mandatory. Becoming knowledgeable about people, places, and positions that are different from those which we know is critical to the mission success of an organization._x000D_
Learning Outcomes in this unit:_x000D_
1) Explain the historical background behind specific diversity-related legislation._x000D_
2) Describe advances in organizational diversity developed from legislation._x000D_
3) Explain paradigm shifts in organizational environments from increased diversity legislation.

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