Unit V Homework HTH 2310

For this assignment, you will act as the coding auditor at your local acute care hospital. You have been tasked with reviewing the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes of the outpatient surgery cases for Stan Decodingman, a relatively new coder at your facility._x000D_
Remember to review all guidelines and notes in the CPT manual to properly document the feedback to Stan Decodingman. It is important as an auditor that you not only utilize critical thinking to analyze whether the assigned code is correct or incorrect, but that you then synthesize your knowledge to provide the reasoning and evidence when the coding is incorrect._x000D_
You will utilize this Unit V Homework Worksheet to audit the outpatient surgery cases and the codes assigned by Stan Decodingman. In the Feedback section of each case in the worksheet, you must:_x000D_
indicate whether his code is correct or incorrect,_x000D_
provide detailed feedback for any noted errors, and_x000D_
include the page number in the CPT manual where the proper code information can be found._x000D_
Ensure your feedback is clear and concise and all tasks listed above are completed. Once you have audited all five cases, you will save the worksheet and upload it into Blackboard for grading. APA formatting is not required for this assignment.

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