For the Unit 5 discussion, you will expand your working knowledge of Excel and explore the concept of correlation versus causation. You will use Excel to complete this discussion post._x000D_
YOU may create your own data set when you create a scatter plot to analyze. Remember, your data set needs to include two quantitative variables. If you create your own, be sure to use a minimum of 10 data pairs. Be certain that when you create your own data that you share in detail what you chose as your variables, your quantitative data, and where you found the data._x000D_
After creating your scatterplot, respond to these questions:_x000D_
First, state the variables and list all the data elements you used to create your scatter plot. Your classmates will need this information to complete post 2._x000D_
Next, calculate the correlation coefficient (r-value). State that value in your response._x000D_
Based on the visual display of the scatterplot, describe the trend you notice. You should include such comments as to whether it appears linear, the direction the trend is going, and the strength of the trend._x000D_
Finally, explain why you think the correlation coefficient (r-value) supports your description of the data trend.

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