Unit 3 discussion math

For this discussion, you will conduct an internet search to find an article that includes a graph or visual display. You will analyze the graph or visual display to determine whether the graph is misleading, exaggerated, or misrepresents the data. Then you will write a descriptive essay with a minimum of 5 paragraphs to address the following questions:_x000D_
Consider what you know about misleading or exaggerated graphs._x000D_
When you looked at the graph for the first time, do you think it effectively showed the intended information? Why or why not?_x000D_
Answer one of the two questions below._x000D_
Do you feel this graph was misleading in any way? Explain._x000D_
If you feel the graph is not misleading, why do you feel it is appropriate? Explain._x000D_
Would you have designed this graph differently? Such as design a different type, including other variables, or provide different labels? Why or why not?

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