Essay 3 calls for a discussion of central idea, character, conflict, and setting. write an essay in which you identify setting thoroughly (using brief quotations from your chosen story for support) and then discuss the ways in which the characters in the story are in conflict with the setting of the story. Some questions to consider: Is the setting general? Or specific? Keep in mind that a general may point to a psychological (universal) theme, while a more specific setting may indicate a sociological theme. Some stories may be interpreted either way, depending upon your how you read them._x000D_
Be sure to connect setting to your interpretation of theme: Select and organize details of setting so that your discussion of the story’s setting emphasizes your central idea, and don’t forget to provide a conclusion that wraps your essay up with a full, three-part statement of theme. If you have questions, please ask before you begin your essay. As usual, provide a brief plot summary as well._x000D_

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