Technology structures and social boundaries for organizations

During this module, we review the concept of technology structures and social boundaries for organizations. Provide an overview of the technical and social terminology for organizations today. _x000D_
Within your discussion be sure to address the following areas:_x000D_
1. How do each of these apply to the three perspectives (natural, rational, and open)?_x000D_
2. What areas of technology are an issue for participants?_x000D_
3. What are the issues with organizational boundaries for participants?_x000D_
4. Personal perspectives_x000D_
5. Include any theoretical viewpoints for each of these areas. _x000D_
6. You are not limited to these questions; they are simply to assist you in the evaluation process._x000D_
Response should be 2,100 -2,200 words. For each response, student must support their assertions with at least 7 scholarly citations, 1 from Merida, and 1 biblical principle in APA 7 format for a total of 9 resources. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Each thread and reply must integrate at least 1 biblical principle. _x000D_
1st Reading: Scott: pp. 124 – 182_x000D_
To access course text Scott: _x000D_
To access go to: _x000D_
Login: _x000D_
Password: COrbin06$$$$$$ _x000D_
2nd Reading: Merida_x000D_
To access course text Merida:_x000D_
To access go to: ebooks.com_x000D_
Login: anewlynn2017@gmail.com_x000D_
Password: Anewlynn2017_x000D_

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