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Can you please respond to the question regarding the following post with 170-250 words and at least 1 citation and 1 reference. Thank you._x000D_
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Quantitative research designs include descriptive, correlation, causal-comparative, and experimental while qualitative designs include grounded theory, ethnographic, narrative research, historical, case studies, and phenomenology. According to Charmaz & Thornberg (2020), grounded theory is a sequential process of data analysis that allows researchers to establish relations between variables and in so doing develop theories that elaborate on specific concepts. The research will utilize the grounded theory qualitative research approach, and research findings are expected to be consistent with the literature. In using the grounded theory, the study expects to establish a correlation between social factors such as alcoholic fathers in the family and its relation to children’s emotional development and performance in life. While correlation does not imply causation, the study hypothesizes that alcoholic father’s lead to poor psychological development._x000D_
Descriptive design typifies a quantitative research design that also fits the study topic. It describes the current status of a variable by providing information about a concept and forming a hypothesis after data collection. According to Grand Canyon University (2015), data analysis and synthesis inform testing of hypothesis; therefore systematic data collection requires careful selection of units under scrutiny. Unlike Grounded theory, the descriptive design is less suitable as it is largely observational and the lack of statistical tests leads to a certain level of bias._x000D_
Charmaz, K., & Thornberg, R. (2020). The pursuit of quality in grounded theory. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 1-23._x000D_
Grand Canyon University. (2015). GCU doctoral research: Foundations and theories._x000D_
Jennifer, you bring up some good points to include bias in the study if descriptive design is used. Can you give an example of how we can allow bias to creep in while using that design specifically? _x000D_

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