System Implementation HCI300 5

There is another health information project starting within the facility, and you have been assigned a role with that project. However, you need to leave guidance for the departments you’re currently working with so that they can continue moving forward with the EHR implementation. Also, the executive team would like a final assessment of your work with the different departments. For this assignment, please address the following in 3–4 pages:_x000D_
Choose 2 departments in your facility, and describe the specific needs that they have requested that will help enhance their work after implementation of the electronic health record (EHR)._x000D_
Discuss what training will need to be done prior to implementation._x000D_
What type of vendor support and vendor maintenance will you need after implementation? How long will this be needed?_x000D_
APA references must be present for all sources used._x000D_
3-4 pages, please make sure writing is original and not copied directly from other sources.

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