Strategic Management

Strategy Implementation _x000D_
Prepare PowerPoint and speaking notes on content outline given below. Must be as detailed as possible._x000D_
1. examine the functional areas and issues central to strategy implementation_x000D_
1. Principal strategy implementing tasks_x000D_
2. Functional areas and issues in strategy implementation:_x000D_
a. Management: establishing annual objectives, devising policies, allocating resources,_x000D_
altering an existing organizational structure, restricting and reengineering, revising_x000D_
reward etc._x000D_
b. Production: plant size, plant location, product design, inventory control etc._x000D_
c. Human resource: assessing staffing needs and costs for alternative strategies, how to_x000D_
motivate staff, develop performance incentives, ESOP etc._x000D_
d. Marketing: market segmentation and product positioning_x000D_
e. Finance/accounting: acquiring needed capital, developing projected financial statements,_x000D_
preparing financial budgets, and evaluating the worth of a business_x000D_
f. Research and Development: transferring complex technology, adjusting processes to local_x000D_
raw materials etc._x000D_
g. MIS: information collection, retrieval, and storage_x000D_

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