Statement of Purpose for Grad Cert Program

Statement of Purpose (required)_x000D_
Please write and upload a statement outlining your goals for pursuing the graduate certificate in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Specifically, describe your reasons for applying to this program of study, your prior experiences working with individuals with ASD, any research experience in the discipline, future career plans, and any other aspects of your background or interests which may aid the Graduate Program Director and Admissions Committee in evaluating your motivation for graduate study. Also discuss how earning the graduate certificate in ASD will assist you to achieve your goals._x000D_
More info about me: I am currently a First Grade Teacher. I’ve taught First Grade for four years. I am currently in the U.S Air Force Reserves and have been on two deployments in the last six years. I currently have a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/Sports Science. I’ve interned with different schools in Durham County under the Adapted Education program. During my First Grade teacher tenured, I worked with one student who changed my life forever. That student had Austum. I learned so much about compassion working with this student. This made such an impact on my teaching career; I vowed to his parents that I would never take a Friday off because it interrupted his schedule and it ruined his entire weekend not knowing if I was going to show up to class on Monday. This student made me a better person and teacher. Getting this Cert will help become a licensed special education teacher. I will be able to reach more students with disabilities and make a strong positive impact on their lives.

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