Staffing, Labor Plan, and Management Plan

Note: Please number all answers accordingly._x000D_
For help completing this assignment, see Chapters 10 and 11._x000D_
Human Resources_x000D_
1. Create a job description for the very next position for which you will hire at your company. (8 points)_x000D_
2. How will you recruit applicants for this position? Or any position? (5 points)_x000D_
3. How will you select employees from your pool of applicants? (5 points)_x000D_
4. How will you train him or her for the position? (5 points)_x000D_
5. What will be his or her compensation, including benefits? (7 points)_x000D_
1. Provide a complete organizational chart with name of the individual. Title of position. (4 points)_x000D_
2. Include YOUR resume. (4 points)_x000D_
3. Form of ownership. Sole proprietorship, S-corporation, Partnership. Why did you select this? (4 points)_x000D_
4. Does your company have any charter or licensing requirements for your employees? What are they? (4 points)_x000D_
5. Name the following: (4 points)_x000D_
Insurance company/agent.

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