Social Development and Adolescence: Human Services Ethics and Interventions

For this assignment, you will be reading a case scenario in your text and responding to questions related to the impact of the environment on behavior and choices, the impact of the client-human services professional relationship, and how identifying potential ethical issues and the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS) Ethical Standards can help guide you in working with clients._x000D_
Begin by reading the case study “Applying the Framework: A Depressed Adolescent” in Chapter 7 (FILE ATTACHED) Then, go to the NOHS website and review the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. Use the Unit 6 Assignment Template to reflect on the situations Susie finds herself in, her environment, and the possible ethical considerations in the case that the human service professional may need to consider as part of an ethical approach to working with the client and her family. _x000D_
Please respond to the following: USE TEMPLATE IN FILE_x000D_
Discuss a minimum of three ways that Susie’s environment has influenced her behavior and decision-making in her adolescence. Be sure to include a citation from the textbook related to the case study._x000D_
Considering the case study details and the NOHS Ethical Standards, identify one ethical concern you would need to consider when working with Susie and/or her family and discuss how you would apply it within the client and human service relationship. Make sure to include the specific NOHS Ethical Standard (taken directly from the NOHS site) in your response. Be sure to include proper citation for your selected standard._x000D_
Provide the name and contact information for one human service agency a human service professional could refer Susie to help provide assistance and support for her current issues. Identify a minimum of three specific services and/or interventions that this agency could provide to assist Susie and explain why these are helpful to the client._x000D_
Discuss how knowledge of ethical standards and available resources can strengthen the relationship between the human service professional and Susie and help her achieve positive outcomes.

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