Scientific Sources

One of the most important things you can learn in a class like this is how to evaluate scientific sources so that you know the sources you are using are scientifically sound and credible.  Also, one of the best ways to learn this is to teach someone else how to evaluate sources._x000D_
Thus, your assignment is to create an infographic to teach other college students how to evaluate written sources for scientific merit and credibility._x000D_
An infographic is a visual representation of factual information and the relationship between pieces of information.  It is supposed to present information in a way that the reader can easily grasp the key points of the concept and can instantly see how the concept is relevant to real life.  An infographic gives substance to the idea that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”_x000D_
Your Task:_x000D_
1. Do research on the following topics related to evaluating scientific sources.  Your infographic must contain the following information at minimum:_x000D_
• Distinguishing between primary and secondary sources._x000D_
o How to find primary sources._x000D_
• How to make sure that a paper is published in a legitimate journal?_x000D_
o What is an impact factor and how is it useful?_x000D_
• Can you rely on titles and abstracts?  Why or why not?_x000D_
• How to evaluate the methods and results of the study._x000D_
• How to look for bias._x000D_
• **How to cite your sources in APA style (At minimum, include books and journal articles. This is a key part of this assignment…you can’t use sources if you can’t cite them correctly!)_x000D_
2. Design an infographic for a college student audience.  In other words, this should be something that a college student could read to become better informed on your topic._x000D_
3. Infographics have two parts:  CONTENT and DESIGN.  Your infographic must be accurate AND visually appealing.  Under no circumstances should you use MS Word (or any other MS product) to create your Infographic.   You must make your infographic look like an infographic!_x000D_
• There are many free Infographic creators online.  The one I strongly recommend that you use is (it is free, but you must sign up for an account).  However, you may use any infographic creator that produces a professional looking product._x000D_
You may not plagiarize in any way on this assignment.  All work must be yours and yours alone.  You may not use quotes from any source, whether accurately cited or not.

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