Research Ready

Please have this finished in 10 days._x000D_
RESEARCH TOPIC: The efficacy of psychotherapy in the treatment of depression._x000D_
Log into your Halo classroom to read the general requirements for the Research Ready and Residency Ready assignments._x000D_
Refer to the Research Ready mini-courses on the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching (CIRT) site at NO PASSWORD NEEDED_x000D_
For quantitative research studies, complete all of the modules of only the following mini-courses:_x000D_
Comparative Research_x000D_
Quasi-Experimental Research_x000D_
Correlational Research_x000D_
***You may repeat any of the mastery quizzes as many times as you like. However, to receive full points for this assignment, all mastery quizzes must have a score of at least 85%. Submitting a completion certificate with a score of less than 85% will result in a deduction of points. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL SCORES ARE ABOVE 85% PLEASE_x000D_
Take a screen shot of each completion certificate and paste the screen shots into a Word document._x000D_
Submit the Word document with the screen shots.

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