Research Project

Locate three peer reviewed, empirical articles related to the potential broad topic area of your dissertation. Remember, your topic area must align with your degree program. Select only articles that have been published within the last 2-3 years and that could logically be included in the literature review of your dissertation._x000D_
Write a brief description of the articles (250-300 words total) that includes the following information for each article:_x000D_
1. A statement of what the authors studied._x000D_
2. A statement that generally describes the study participants._x000D_
3. A description of the study findings._x000D_
4. A statement of one limitation or future study idea identified in the article._x000D_
Write an argument (250-500 words) that presents a potential study topic for your dissertation and defends the need for the potential study. The topic must emerge from a synthesis of the limitations or future study ideas you identified above, and the argument must describe how the potential study might address the synthesized limitations or future study ideas._x000D_
*Topic area of dissertation: The role of fathers in the family and in children’s lives and how this impacts the later performance of the children esp. daughters._x000D_

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