Race Project

Step 3: Applying a Theological LensRacism always takes concrete, embodied forms. Using the conceptual framework provided by Jennings and Katongole, analyze the form of racism you see in our broader society today that you explored in Step 2. Quote and cite each author at least once for this part.For instance, you might ask the following questions: How does the historical lineage that Jennings describes about racial value correspond with how we treat black men in the prison system today? How does Jennings understanding of race and place influence the way we do church from a racial perspective? How might Katongole’s understanding of the role of greeting transform the way we inhabit our neighborhoods and communities in ways that turn racial dynamics on their head? Next, offer two concrete things you (personally) can do, drawing on Jennings and Katongole, that show how a rightly formed Christian imagination can help inform Christian practice in the world. Stated differently, use Katongole and Jennings to show how you can work for Shalom in the parts of our society broken by racism. PUT YOUR TWO CONCRETE ACTIONS IN BOLD!!! Also cite Jennings and Katongole here (putting page numbers in parentheses, of course).Put all sources in in-text citations (MLA) and include a full bibliography.You will write this up in essay format in 500-600 words.

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