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For this Assignment, you will write a 2–3 page expository paper analyzing theories of emotion and the role of the limbic system and frontal lobe in the processing of emotion._x000D_
Utilize the following scenario in the construction of your paper:_x000D_
John is a 42-year-old construction worker who was leaving the construction site to take his lunch break. While walking from the site, he heard a loud crashing sound. John turned around to see a crane tip over and fall to the ground. Initially, John experienced feelings of terror at the sight of the crane falling and fear that someone would be hurt. However, as the crane landed, he was able to see that it fell on an unoccupied plot of land._x000D_
Include the following in your paper:_x000D_
Examine the three theories of emotion in the context of the scenario._x000D_
Analyze the different features of the three theories of emotion with respect to the cognitive and neuropsychological processes involved in John’s processing of the events._x000D_
Differentiate the three theories of emotion and how processing of the events would be different under each theory._x000D_
State which theory of emotion you feel is the most accurate and why._x000D_
Break down the neuropsychological processing of emotion with respect to the functioning of the limbic system (hypothalamus, thalamus, amygdala, hippocampus), and the frontal lobe._x000D_
Analyze how the different parts of the brain are involved in the processing of emotion as well as the flow of information within the limbic system and frontal lobe._x000D_
Utilize a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources outside of your textbook to support your paper._x000D_
Follow Assignment directions (review grading rubric for best results)._x000D_
Use correct APA formatting per the current APA Publication Manual._x000D_
Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English._x000D_
Be written in Standard English and be clear, specific, and error-free._x000D_
Your paper should include:_x000D_
Title Page_x000D_
Main Body of the paper_x000D_
Reference Page_x000D_

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