Professional Assessment

Overview: _x000D_
When hiring employees, employers often assess applicants’ fit to a professional position by examining the applicants’ personalities. During interviews, interviewers often ask applicants to discuss their personality traits and to provide examples of past behaviors to demonstrate their level of such traits. Moreover, interviewers often expect applicants to be able to articulate their values and work-related motivators and discuss how these values and motivators have already influenced their performance in previous contexts._x000D_
Learning Outcomes:_x000D_
After completing this assignment, you will:_x000D_
-draw conclusions on your behaviors and values based on your test results and analyses_x000D_
-define your strongest behavioral style, value, and personality facets_x000D_
-describe behaviors that characterize and support your analysis._x000D_
Consider all of the information you have collected in the two previous parts of this project, along with the feedback you’ve received from your professor. Write a 1500 – 1750-word essay in which you discuss your most dominant natural behavioral style, your strongest value (according to the DISC Plus), and the three facets of your personality from the IPIP-NEO you mentioned in Part 2 of this project._x000D_
Define your most dominant natural behavioral style, strongest value, and selected personality facets in your own words. Support your analysis with detailed descriptions of your past behaviors. Pay attention to the quality of your writing.

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