Primary Leadership Theory Integrating Recent Research – Transformational theory

For this discussion, each student will choose a primary leadership theory (Transformational theory) integrating recent research (within the last five years) and noted best practices into the discussion. This assignment will assist you in become familiar with your selected leadership theory, the practice of scholarly research, and the process of APA writing. APA 7 _x000D_
Each thread must be approximately 600 words._x000D_
All key components of the Discussion Board Forum prompt are answered in the thread._x000D_
Major points are supported by all of the following: _x000D_
 Reading & Study materials;_x000D_
 Pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples;_x000D_
 Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts);_x000D_
 Two peer-reviewed source citations in current APA 7 format, the text and the integration of one (1) biblical principle; and_x000D_
Reading pgs 55-88

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