Patient with renal failure, feeling anxious but confident in giving medication.

Purpose: _x000D_
Nursing is about more than just administering medications. It is also important to balance clinical skills with genuine care. Reflective journals allow students to raise important questions, reflect on activities and progress, and consider new approaches and resources in professional nursing practice. The purpose of reflective journals is to allow for a chance to organize your emotions and clarify your thoughts. _x000D_
In subsequent weeks, your journal entry should focus on your educational experience and address the following questions:_x000D_
• What was the most significant experience you had this week? The experience can be an incident, an encounter, or a discovery about self, client, nursing profession, multidisciplinary team. Be sure to FOCUS on how you felt and what you thought._x000D_
• In addition to this, you may also want to think about:_x000D_
o If you could go back and “do over the day” what might you do differently?_x000D_
o How did you partner with the patient/family in planning care? Consider QSEN Patient Centered Care, reflection_x000D_
• On days when you had the following assignments, please discuss how you felt, what was going through your head, did you have any concerns at the beginning of the day, how did you feel at the end of the day?_x000D_
o Medication Administration_x000D_

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