Part of the team

1. Val, Bob, and Linda included a number of work products in the briefing book. In addition to the work products listed in this chapter, provide a list of the work products you think should be included in the briefing book._x000D_
2. How do you think adding outside experts might have helped the EIM team at their retreat? Provide specific examples for the three outside agenda participants._x000D_
3. Review the two-day agenda prepared by Val, Bob, Linda, and Sandy (figures 14.1 and 14.2). What is your critique of the agenda? Do you think it is comprehensive? Does it achieve what it is supposed to? How might you improve it?_x000D_
4. In the agenda, Sandy put in a number of group process techniques to help the team come up with creative ideas and make decisions. These included the nominal group brainstorming, respond rounds, and subgroup techniques. Research these and describe how each is conducted and what the expected benefits are for them._x000D_
5. Using the draft proposal to establish an EIM division at St. Rita’s in the student manual, critique the proposal, and answer the following questions:_x000D_
1. Did the EIM team present a convincing business case for _x000D_
establishing a new EIM division at St. Rita’s?_x000D_
2. Would you add anything to the team’s vision and mission _x000D_
statements for the EIM division? Why or why not?_x000D_
3. Do you agree with how the EIM team proposed the _x000D_
organizational structure for the EIM division? Are there _x000D_
alternate structures the team could have recommended?_x000D_
4. How would you evaluate the team’s recommendation for EIM _x000D_
implementation? Do you think this is a realistic approach? Do _x000D_
you think the team was too ambitious or not ambitious enough _x000D_
in its three-year plan?_x000D_
5. What are some challenges that may impede a smooth _x000D_
implementation of the EIM division at St. Rita’s? What would _x000D_
you suggest be done to minimize these challenges?_x000D_
6. Using the outline in figure 14.3, prepare a formal final written _x000D_
proposal for establishing an EIM division at St. Rita’s._x000D_
1. What are the major differences between your final report and_x000D_
the draft report?_x000D_
2. What is accomplished by these differences?_x000D_
3. What are the strong points of your proposal?_x000D_
4. How do these changes make the final proposal stronger?_x000D_
5. What did you add or delete from the EIM team’s proposal and _x000D_
This is your final -take the time to get this completed _x000D_
I.C Data Governance_x000D_
III.H Information Integrity and Data Quality_x000D_
VI. Leadership Roles_x000D_
VI.F Strategic and Organizational Management_x000D_

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