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Ch. 9 Part of team 2 due: 11/11 (Textbook: Enterprise Health Information Management & Data Governance)_x000D_
The EIM team reviewed the HIPAA privacy provisions. The team agreed that while data security and privacy are related, each is a distinctly separate function. Wayne and Shelia said they work closely together and coordinate their activities. Review the HHS’s guidance materials on HIPAA privacy available on their website at_x000D_ (Links to an external site.)._x000D_
Compare HIPAA privacy provisions to HIPAA security provisions listed in appendix A._x000D_
Identify the security and privacy provisions on which you believe Shelia and Wayne might work most closely together. This should include _x000D_
• Security management process including risk analysis and risk management_x000D_
• Workforce security_x000D_
• Information access management such as access authorization_x000D_
• Training (security and privacy)_x000D_
• Security incidents_x000D_
• Business associate agreements_x000D_
• Workstation use and security_x000D_
• Access control_x000D_
• Audit controls_x000D_
• Integrity_x000D_
• Person or entity authentication_x000D_
Class, as this assignment is vital to the success of every healthcare facility and to you, as the HIM professional; each member of the team will need to define each bulleted point for the assignment and explain how they will be used together. _x000D_
Respond to your team members – remember the contract, add substance (agree and great answer are NOT answers of substance, explain why it is a great answer or why you agree {or disagree} with the answer) to the discussion with thoughtful answers and responses. Feel free to back up your answer with articles or other resources that you have found to substantiate your answer and responses to the team. Individual responses should be a minimum of 150 words. Participation should be at least 75-100. _x000D_
I.C Data Governance_x000D_
II.A Health Law_x000D_
II.B Data, Privacy, Confidentiality and Security_x000D_
II.C Release of Information _x000D_
III.H Information Integrity and Data Quality_x000D_
V.4 Regulatory _x000D_
VI. Leadership Roles_x000D_
VI.F Strategic and Organizational Management_x000D_

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