Organizational Change

The Module 8 final paper will allow you to focus on one of several components of cultural competency that we have studied throughout the course while incorporating organizational assessment. Consider the organization that you have been assessing from the “Guide to Providing Effective Communication and Language Assistance Services.” Although this guide was presented in the context of language services, the organizational assessment process can apply to many aspects of an organization that require change. Using the insight you gained by that consideration, address all of the following:_x000D_
Briefly describe the mission and vision of the organization, as well as your role or relationship with it. You need not identify the organization by name._x000D_
Based on the principles of organizational assessment, what are the strengths and challenges of the organization? How do external factors provide opportunities or threats to meeting the challenges? Choose one challenge for the focus of the remainder of the steps of the process. This could be any component of cultural competence, for example, a social determinant of health, an issue with language, etc. Clearly identify this focus._x000D_
Address the organization’s readiness to change in order to address the identified challenge. Do you expect the staff, service providers, or other members of the organization to initiate and participate, or be resistant to the necessary changes? Why? What barriers might be encountered?_x000D_
Describe two specific strategies for implementing change. Which members of the organization would be responsible for these strategies and what steps would they take to gain “buy-in” and cooperation from those experiencing stress related to the change?_x000D_
Identify two possible funding sources for implementing the change. What argument would you use to convince funders that the return on the investment will be positive?_x000D_
How would you evaluate whether the implementation of the strategy used to address your challenge was effective?

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