Nonprofit Volunteer Board of Directors

Nonprofit Volunteer Board of Directors_x000D_
One of the unique aspects of nonprofit organizations is that they are governed by volunteer boards of directors or trustees. Along with having a working relationship with administrators, it is important to the effective operation of a nonprofit organization for the board members to be diverse, ethical, and possess the skills necessary to carry out the responsibilities of nonprofit boards listed on page 114 of your textbook._x000D_
What skills would you look for when creating a board of directors? Why?_x000D_
What specific things would you look for when creating a diverse board of directors? Why?_x000D_
Why is it important for the Board of Directors to represent the populations that the organization represents?_x000D_
How would you ensure that the board represents the organization and the populations it serves?_x000D_
Please use APA 7th edition. _x000D_
Textbook: Watson, L. D. & Hoefer, R. A. (2014). Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders: Essential Knowledge and Skills. SAGE Publications, Inc.

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