Neuroscience class

You are a Myth buster/Fact finder in this discussion. There are many things that people think they know about the brain. Your job is to choose one of the topics below and find out whether it is a myth or a fact._x000D_
We use 10% of our brain._x000D_
We are either right or left brained._x000D_
A bigger brain means that you are smarter._x000D_
How would your myth or fact finding be supported by what you have learned about the brain and how it functions (myelination, neurotransmission, communication) from your reading in Chapters 1 and 2? Support your findings with reliable citations and references. _x000D_
Log into Purdue global bright space _x000D_
Username : RachaelGraham_x000D_
Password : Babies18!_x000D_
Neuroscience _x000D_
Chapters 1,2

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