Negotiation offer salary

I received an offer less than what I earned nowhere by 13%_x000D_
I would to write an email to nogistate to have salary higher what I have earned her by 10% then it will more than offer by 30% considering the retirement salary base on our last salray and if I droped now ot will affect that later on _x000D_
Body of the email: _x000D_
Thank you for accpting me to be part of your organization and I am looking forward to be a partner of the success and the prosperity of the organization _x000D_
( appreciate that I will be part of your organization) and happy _x000D_
Thank you for the offer; whoever; an increase in the salary should be parallel with upcoming moving forward with higher responsibilities. Therefore, a 30% increase than what I make now was expected in this offer. See the attachment _x000D_
Talk about my _x000D_
– experience _x000D_
– Education I invested on my self_x000D_
– Which will reflect and add on my performance on the organization _x000D_
I have few Questions to have a clear vision about benefits: _x000D_
1- Medical coverage for my family (mother)_x000D_
2- Annual merit increase _x000D_
3- 30 annual leaves (excluded weekends)_x000D_
4- Current policy for working hours _x000D_
Last paragraph thankful and appreciation and looking forward

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