Native American History

This week we are considering more than one writer, more than one work. We are looking at the breadth of Native writing, storytelling and literature. Literature includes essays, poetry, novels, biographies, oral narratives and letters. So in this week we are looking at a few of these forms and thinking about their connections._x000D_
Therefore, consider in the essay by Paula Gunn Allen, Who’s Your Mother, the journal article titled Creative Process by the four native poets: Joy Harjo, Maurice Kenny, Simon Ortiz and Elizabeth Cook Lynn, and the TEDtalk by Tai Simpson The intergenerational wisdom woven into indigenous stories the power of story and narrative and how these works serve as both as speaking for indigenous communities and creating artistic expression. How these works are vehicles for transmitting and engaging culture while also working as a catalyst for learning and knowing. _x000D_
1. Describe how you see these works as connecting to one another._x000D_
2. Explain how you see them as transmitting culture._x000D_
3. Describe how they as written and oral expressions they are each a part of Native literature._x000D_
In your response give me some depth, show me the connections. _x000D_

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