Module 4 Assignment

Write an answer to each of the following three prompts (5 points each)_x000D_
1. Comment on Hayes’ conclusions on p. 110 (“To sum up”) in which she asserts that Israelites were not monotheists for much of the biblical era and her claim that the Bible eventually is the product of those Israelites who saw the worship of Yahweh alone as the only acceptable position._x000D_
2. Explain how ancient Near Eastern information about agreements and treaties, especially the suzerainty treaty, helps to understand the biblical notion of the covenant between Yahweh and Israel as expressed in the assigned biblical texts._x000D_
3. Discuss and illustrate the Hayes’ summary, on p. 133, of the views of Dr. Moshe Greenberg who argued that “a comparison of biblical law with other ancient Near Eastern law collections reveals the central postulates or values that undergird biblical law.”

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