Marketing Strategy and Competitive Advantage Assignment

NOTE: Please number all answers in the paper for each question. Instructions: For help in completing this section, see chapter 8 in your text and the resources in the module._x000D_
1. What is your pricing strategy? How price sensitive is the market? Why did you choose this strategy? (6 points)_x000D_
2. How did you determine your price? Give me the numbers! (6 points)_x000D_
3. What are your margins? How will you make a profit? Show me the numbers. (6 points)_x000D_
Competitive Advantage_x000D_
4. How will you build your competitive advantage? Which of the following? (NOT ALL, just pick one or two.) (2 points)_x000D_
Close relationship to customers._x000D_
Devotion to quality._x000D_
Attention to convenience._x000D_
Dedication to customer service._x000D_
5. Explain your competitive advantage/competitive edge. (Describe in detail about the one or two competitive advantages you selected in question 4.) (10 points)

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