M1 DQ123

Please write approximately 200 words per question, each with at least 2 citations and references. Please list the references used in each question below each individual question._x000D_
1. Humanistic psychology has a rich history and tradition of arguing for the human experience as the essence of understanding human behavior. This basis for understanding is divergent from the views in cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis and behaviorism. Based on your readings, what do you believe is the place of humanistic psychology as a movement within the discipline of psychology? Explain. What observations can you offer about the movement’s credibility among members of the psychological community? What has contributed to how humanistic psychology is perceived within the larger discipline? Explain._x000D_
2. What were the most significant theoretical understandings of the human condition identified by the humanistic movement of psychology in the United States? Who were the primary standard bearers of these theories? Why were these theories significant in the advancement of the humanistic movement?_x000D_
3. Identify key concepts and philosophical foundations of humanistic psychology from an American perspective._x000D_

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