M 4 DQ5

Please write approximately 200 words in response to the following posting, using at least 1 source with reference. Thank you,_x000D_
Ben Smith _x000D_
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Re: Module 4 DQ 1_x000D_
Hi Preeya,_x000D_
I hope you are doing well. While reading your response, I appreciated that you started with the founders of humanistic psychology and that you made the connection to Edmund Husserl and the impact he had on subsequent human experience research. In your response, you also noted two different types of phenomenological studies, but you did not list them. The two types include hermeneutic phenomenology and transcendental phenomenology. Understanding that hermeneutic phenomenology is explained in terms of actions, and transcendental phenomenology is explained in terms of the contents of experience, do you have a full grasp of each? I wrote this, and I am still struggling with the two. If anyone reading this has an easy way to understand and differentiate the two, I would welcome the response!_x000D_
Thanks, and have a great week!_x000D_

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