Life Span Development

Shriner and Shriner (2014) state that “…age, the body, mind, emotions, and relationships will change, and those changes will affect one another. Development includes various dimensions, such as biological, cognitive, and social/emotional dimensions (Chapter 1, section 1.1)._x000D_
Evaluate a time in your life, or a life of which you have knowledge, when development was multidimensional. What domains of development were interacting with other domains? Describe these interactions._x000D_
Example: Sue’s mother passed away (social/emotional) which subsequently had a negative effect on her ability to focus and concentrate (cognitive) on her school work._x000D_
Estimate how often you believe these types of interactions occur in a person’s life and explain what your belief is based on?_x000D_
Explain how multidimensional development in one’s life affects others._x000D_

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