Purpose: The purpose of this research paper is to identify a pathology and the pharmacological agents used to treat it. This paper will measure your ability to interpret and examine scientific information (GEC 6) and critically analyze (GEC 3) the information you’ve been taught throughout this course as well as through additional research on the topic._x000D_
Included in the paper will be the following:_x000D_
Introduction and background information about the disease or condition. In this section be sure to give enough detail to allow the reader to have a solid understanding about the topic you are presenting, but not so much that they have to try and decipher what it is you are talking about._x000D_
Body of the paper_x000D_
Causes and various types/varieties of the chosen disease/condition. In this section you will tell the reader about the different types of the disease, as well as the primary causes of this disease._x000D_
Treatment Recommendations. In this section you are going to present the common treatment options often given to combat the disease/condition that you have chosen._x000D_
Pharmacological Aspects of recommended treatment. In this section you are going to present the pharmacokinetics, pharmocodynamics, metabolism/toxicity issues, mechanisms and indications, side effects and contraindications of the agent._x000D_
Conclusion: Summarize your findings._x000D_
The medication that was assigned to me is: Levodopa-carbidopa

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