leading and thriving in digital era

Very likely, what we find on the other side of the current economic crisis will not look like the normal of recent years. One business initiative that is set to pick up is automation using technologies._x000D_
You are to identify a new problem or a new opportunity in the possible “new normal”. Come up with a few examples as evidence and discuss the consequences. Suggest possible solutions that mitigate the problem or explore the opportunity identified_x000D_
Deliverable involves a 750-word (± 10%), magazine, opt-ed style article OR article that closely resembles those written by McKinsey’s listed under required reading._x000D_
Tables and figures are not part of the work count_x000D_
Quality indicators include:_x000D_
The underlying content – quality of argument and evidence presneted_x000D_
Error-free writing/quality control inclusion and richness of references used_x000D_
Structuring/storylining – tell a story, don’t just describe_x000D_
English writing – quality control of spelling and basic grammars_x000D_
Deliverable style – professional quality formatting and presentation_x000D_
( just make sure to write in academic article style especially in case of refrencing)_x000D_

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