Journey Beyond the Stars

The Assignment_x000D_
In “Journey Beyond the Stars,” one of Sawhney’s main points is that L.A. is portrayed in stereotypical ways through mainstream or commercial texts. He writes, “Though a common dialogue, collective vision, and shared perspective may not be present in contemporary Los Angeles, the city nevertheless sells itself extremely well” (7). To support this claim, he offers examples of how L.A. has, historically, “sold” itself._x000D_
In a thesis-driven and well-organized essay, respond to the following question: How does Los Angeles sell itself today through commercial texts, and what important elements of the city do these commercial representations leave out?_x000D_
In order to fully address this prompt, you will need to do three things:_x000D_
Examine how L.A. sells itself through dominant narratives by summarizing and analyzing “Journey Beyond the Stars.”_x000D_
Choose either the Westside or South L.A. to explain the specific dominant narratives of that area (utopia ordystopia). You may want to bring in examples to showcase these dominant narratives from commercial/popular texts (such as a scene from a film, an ad, a tourist guidebook, etc). This outside source is optional. Other examples of dominant narratives can be found in the introductions to the South L.A. and Westside chapters in A People’s Guide to Los Angeles._x000D_
Examine an alternative narrative of that part of L.A. and explain how this alternative narrative challenges, disrupts, or subverts the dominant narrative. Use at least one specific example/entry from the corresponding chapter of A People’s Guide to Los Angeles._x000D_
Source Requirements_x000D_
You must incorporate evidence (e.g. paraphrase/summary, quotations) from both of the following texts:_x000D_
“Journey Beyond the Stars” (Sawhney)_x000D_
A People’s Guide to Los Angeles (Pulido, et al.) – either the South L.A. chapter or the Westside chapter. These readings are located in our module._x000D_
Assignment Requirements:_x000D_
Your essay should be at least 4 full double-spaced pages with 1” side margins, 1” header and footer margins, Times New Roman, 12 pt font._x000D_
Your introduction should end with a thesis that gives your readers a main claim or guiding idea which will be developed throughout._x000D_
Your essay must incorporate both required texts, using accurate summary, direct quotations (with MLA style citations) and analysis of your evidence._x000D_
Cite all sources in MLA format (in text), in addition to a Works Cited page. Use Purdue OWL or The Little Seagull Handbook to look up proper MLA in-text citations and Works Cited formatting._x000D_
Proofread for mistakes and edit for clarity. Consider paragraph organization and appropriate transitions to lead your reader through your discussion._x000D_
750 word minimum_x000D_

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