Write a Journal Article Review (Attached: Food Waste Reduction) of 900-1200 words, not including the title page or reference page. For each Journal Article Review, you must discuss how the theoretical model or treatment described in the article compares to the information discussed in your textbook. No more than 10% of each Journal Article Review may be quotations. You must cite and reference the original article, the course textbook, and one additional scholarly article._x000D_
Each Journal Article Review must include these sections:_x000D_
• Title page_x000D_
• Article caption at top of first page of text (current APA style) to identify the article_x000D_
• Statement of the author’s purpose_x000D_
• Background of the issue_x000D_
• Application of supply chain management theory relevant to article_x000D_
• Managerial implications of article findings (2–3 paragraphs)_x000D_
• Summary of the article and its context_x000D_
• References (Current APA style)_x000D_

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