Intro to Emergency Management

Week 7 Assignment Paper: Emergency Management in Healthcare Issues_x000D_
Week 7 Paper – Emergency Management in Healthcare Issues_x000D_
An important component of this course is the final paper. You will select a topic pertinent to Emergency Management with a focus on a Medical or Healthcare Issue – it should be based on one we’ve discussed in the course Forums and it must include key disaster medicine / emergency management concepts learned in the course to demonstrate your overall content knowledge. You must also construct a new approach to addressing an aspect of the medical or healthcare-related emergency management issue._x000D_
Write a 10-12 paged paper (excluding the title page and references). Your paper must include an introduction, the body in which all items below are addressed and references cited, a well-defined conclusion, and reference page._x000D_
Your research should include a minimum of 4 of the following sections below (however, you will likely need to use more than 4 and/or create additional section headers as appropriate for your paper):_x000D_
• New Approach (required): You will construct a new approach to addressing an aspect of the medical or healthcare-related emergency management issue you cover._x000D_
• Process Mapping of New Approach (required): You will develop a process map (i.e., flow chart) of your new approach. You need to include the agencies that are required to respond to your chosen emergency._x000D_
• Mechanism of Injury (MOI)_x000D_
• Casualty Figures_x000D_
• Triage Challenges_x000D_
• Medical Response_x000D_
• Urban Search and Rescue_x000D_
• Inter-agency Collaboration_x000D_
• Public Health Issues_x000D_
• Communication and Media Relations_x000D_
• Preparedness-Planning_x000D_
• Logistical Issues_x000D_
• Pitfalls_x000D_
Your paper must include at least 7-10 scholarly references (no Wikipedia!). Avoid using secondary sources like websites or textbooks. Instead, use primary, scholarly journals, reports, etc. If you include a graph or chart (data), the chart/graph should take up NO MORE than ¼ page, and be properly cited._x000D_
Your final paper (and all assignments) must follow American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for references and bibliographic citation. Refer to the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.). Other APA websites are available through the Library._x000D_

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