Impact Analysis Part 3

Prior to or when security measures fail, it is essential to have in place several response strategies. In 1,250-1,500 words:_x000D_
1. Explain how negotiations with accreditors on compliance should be dealt with. Provide an example._x000D_
2. Present appropriate response strategies that can be put into action (i.e., breach notification policies)._x000D_
3. Present employee training recommendations for creating awareness of the organization’s security measurements._x000D_
4. Explain how to obtain feedback on the effectiveness of security policies from stakeholders. Provide an example._x000D_
5. Explain how to identify new threats, vulnerabilities, or any countermeasures that may not have been present/available when the initial security measures were first implemented. What mechanisms could be in place to catch any oversights? Explain how this would be reported/communicated. Example, an IT professional explains why a specific device is configured, why if it is compliant it will NOT work, or why if it is NOT compliant it does work._x000D_
6. Explain how operational managers, stakeholders, and/or individuals affected will be notified. Provide examples for each._x000D_
7. Identify organization management techniques to respond quickly to new challenges. Explain with supporting details._x000D_

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