Human Resource Assignment – Final Report

NOTE: Please open the attachment Human Resource Plan Rubric and follow the instruction_x000D_
For examples please open the attachment. The Examples are just the samples. You are expected to make your own Project._x000D_
Human Resource Assignment_x000D_
PSLO #4 Examine the role of strategic human resource planning in support of organizational mission and objectives_x000D_
You are to develop a complete Job Description for any job you wish. Once you have completed the job description you must develop a comprehensive plan that includes the following:_x000D_
The recruitment process for the position. It should include:_x000D_
How and where you will recruit for the position_x000D_
What assessments you will utilize_x000D_
List of the questions that will be asked in the interview_x000D_
Section on how you will appraise and manage the employee’s performance._x000D_
Section on the type of training and development program that will be implemented for this position._x000D_
Detailed compensation, performance reward and benefits or the position._x000D_
Section on how you will manage employee separation in the event the person hired does not work out, or needs to be laid off in the future._x000D_
You must be as detailed as possible. The project should be minimum 4 to 5 pages in length. New Times Roman, double spaced, 12 Font. Make sure you look at the Rubric before you start working on the Project._x000D_

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