hospitality law

• Search a company HUAWEI (mobile phone company) law suit CFO Canada that have been to a lawsuit and share in the class how they over this battle. This is the project idea_x000D_
but my part is :_x000D_
Background of the Company_x000D_
Research all the information you can from the company website, industry reports, research papers, news etc. to understand and study the nature of the business._x000D_
• What kind of business they have_x000D_
• What do they sell_x000D_
• How long they are in the business_x000D_
• Who are their target market_x000D_
• What is their product._x000D_
4,5 slides will be good and the report on slides must be in detail and as much as you can write at least one paragraph for each slide._x000D_
And of course, the APA style references must be provided with web page sources to be able to click on the web page and see the sources._x000D_

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