Using information presented in this course please submit final a Research Paper. This paper should be 8-10 pages double spaced. Please include a title page, abstract, and reference page. Make sure to include at least 10 references and adhere to the APA style for your citations._x000D_
Your paper should include a broad scope of how this particular topic impacts health GLOBALLY. You may choose to focus in on one particular region or country but remember to include some discussion on the global implications of the issue._x000D_
Consider the economic implications of the issue at hand. Who is impacted most? What are the current interventions? Are there any policy measures in place to address this issue? What organizations can help? Why does this problem matter? What is the background on the issue?_x000D_
Identify ANY health-related issue area to explore from a global perspective ( can not be in the United States of American, but may focus on the North American continent). If you prefer, you may choose from the following list of topics._x000D_
• Infectious diseases _x000D_
• HIV _x000D_
• Maternal, child and reproductive health _x000D_
• Non-communicable diseases and control of risk factors including Tobacco Control _x000D_
• Health economics _x000D_
• Health promotion _x000D_
• Health, human rights and development _x000D_
• Human resources management and development _x000D_
• Health policy, planning and strategy development _x000D_
• Development and health _x000D_
• Public health in emergencies _x000D_
• Migrant and refugee health_x000D_
What are the policy areas related to the issue. Feel free to use a general policy issue, such as financing, prevention focused interventions, or access._x000D_

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