Health Economics

This class blog is an opportunity to seek out and share health and healthcare economics articles, videos, news reports, links to other blogs, etc. with each other. Being aware of current health economics issues can help better understand and apply the concepts we are learning._x000D_
You can earn 10 points per week (awarded in Week Four) by participating (defined as one original post and one reply each week) on the blog by sharing something here that relates to health and/or healthcare economics and by replying to the posts of others. To be considered for the full 10 points per week, each week you will need to make one original post and one reply to the post of someone else. Although you won’t receive a grade until the end of the class, weekly participation is required (consisting of at least one post and one comment each week) to be considered for full credit._x000D_
Your original posts can be a link, a video, an article, a quote from something you’ve read (with proper citation), a news story, — nearly anything as long as you also include a brief explanation of how you see a connection between the information you are sharing and health or healthcare economics._x000D_
You can simply do an internet search to find articles or subscribe to a service that updates you on healthcare economics issues. One recommendation is to look at the Kaiser Family Foundation website: On the website, please go to the “Newsroom” and subscribe to emails.

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