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f you want to create a patient experience office or department in your healthcare organisation, where do you begin? One great place to look for inspiration is Cleveland Clinic which, since 2009, has leaped to the top of patient satisfaction surveys. Today, hospital executives from all over the world flock to Cleveland to study the Clinic’s practices and learn how it changed._x000D_
In this article, published in the May 2013 edition of Harvard Business Review, the Clinic’s Chief Experience Officer, Dr James Merlino, describes how he and his colleagues transformed patient experience. Read the article before you answer these questions:_x000D_
What were the main problems and shortcomings with patient experience at Cleveland Clinic and how were they first discovered?_x000D_
Why did the Clinic decide it was time to take these problems seriously?_x000D_
What were the main structures, systems and initiatives that the Clinic put in place in order to improve patient experience and ensure those improvements were sustained?_x000D_
What challenges did the Clinic face in trying to implement these changes?

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