Primary Task Response: Using the budget information from Unit 1 and the financial plan and operational budget from the Unit 4 Intellipath Assignment, discuss the need for the following: _x000D_
Increase in revenue reimbursement through inpatient length of stay and outpatient vendor relationships_x000D_
Allocation for the proposed improvements and required partnerships_x000D_
Partnering with local skilled nursing facilities and home health organizations_x000D_
Increase in salaries_x000D_
Be sure to discuss the following areas: _x000D_
Funding sources_x000D_
Your methodology in revenue forecasting_x000D_
How the new services will impact revenue?_x000D_
Fixed and variable costs_x000D_
Project inpatient and outpatient visits based on current trends_x000D_
PLEASE use the following resource to help with this assignmnet_x000D_
MUSE:https://class.ctuonline.edu/_layouts/MUSEViewer/MUSE.aspx?mid=21789310 ( I will also upload the download for MUSE to help)_x000D_
Baker and Baker, Chapters 14, 24, 26, 27, and 28:https://coloradotech.vitalsource.com/reader/books/9781284141375/epubcfi/6/50%5B%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3Di23_Chapter12%5D!/4/2%5Bch12%5D/6%5Bd6e5498%5D/2%5Bch12fea01%5D/6/4/2/1:29%5Blve%2Cncy%5D

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